Prayer to FreyR

This prayer follows a format that extols the virtues and achievements of the god and makes an offering of some sort (often beer, in my case) before asking for aid and assistance. It was inspired by a model presented by Diana Paxson in her book “Essential Ásatrú.” It differs from my usual method as this is in prose form rather than poetic verse.

Hail, FreyR, God of the World and Lord of the Swedes. Yngvi, wise and most glorious of the gods, I raise this horn in your honor. Lord of Alfheim, I ask that you grant my home frith and prosperity. Shining One, Giver of Wealth and Bringer of Frith, I make this offering to you in thanks for your gifts and in honor of your glory.

Hail FreyR, God of the World, Lord of Alfheim, the one who wooed Gerðr and makes the land fruitful, You who brings frith and wealth to our folk, I bid you come swiftly to my aid, I ask that you bless this house, keep it safe, and bring joy and peace to its walls.

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