I’ve finally completed a new page for the blog that explains the values and beliefs I try to live my life in accordance with. You can find it here. These are the values I believe makes a person worthy of a good reputation. Very few of the terms are “original” wordings because others have done a very good job of word-smithing the concepts into appropriate expressions that come from our Germanic roots instead of relying on Latin based terminology. Some of these ideas are going to be well known variations of the Nine Noble Virtues that others ascribe to. Some of these reflect concepts in the Atheling Thews of Théodism.

I have chosen to discuss these things in terms of Worth rather than virtues or thews. Some of this is due to language. Thew doesn’t show up in Old Norse so there is no direct cognate to work from to keep with a linguistic “theme” but virðr does. For simplicity’s sake, this is a cognate of our modern English word “worth” and we do see elements of discussion regarding the worth of a person. I’ve also chosen this word because it is a concept most English speakers relate to that hasn’t had its meaning change drastically over time like thew has.

So, now that I’ve defined for everyone else what it is I value I suppose it is time to discuss how these things are utilized. They are the ideals and principles of right and proper behavior in my home and the actions I expect of others. We might not live up to every one of these ideals but possessing most of them can clearly show us the integrity and value of someone in our life. They are the foundation upon which we work to establish our moral and ethical character. This list is not the sum total of good behaviors. Instead, it is a starting point from which we move forward. Some of these “Worths” are more important than others but they are all greater in importance than many unstated values. I hope you find something in this list that gives you something to think about.

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