The Wild Boar

I’m in the process of writing an article on Dísaþing and I got to thinking about Freyr and Gullinbursti, Frey’s boar. To be honest, I really don’t know how many readers are familiar with domestic pigs or how the wild boar differs. I grew up with some experience of hogs on the family farm, and I can tell you that even “domestic” pigs aren’t exactly cuddly or gentle creatures (pet pot bellied pigs not withstanding). The power of these animals, whether they are domestic, feral, or wild is amazing. Hunting the wild boar was a prestigious activity because of the dangerous nature of the hunt. So, how does a boar associate with a god well known for his involvement in fertility of the land? This is something not directly obvious in our technological age but highly logical to our ancestors. You see, pigs are fantastic for tilling soil and it was energy efficient if you needed to also fatten up young swine for butchering. Why break out the plow when the pigs will do the job for you? Honestly, the boar is a creature that fascinates me and I have more thinking to do. For now, I leave you with this wonderful painting I found.

Wild Boar – Željko Matuško



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