Introducing the Ásatrú Blog Bookstore!

BookwormOver the last several months I have received several questions regarding what books I recommend. Now you can buy the books directly from Amazon through our own bookstore! Over the next few weeks I will be adding more sections and more books to the store as I wade through all of the available titles on Amazon, but for right now there are about 50 or so titles already listed. For those who don’t know, this bookstore is brought to you through the Amazon Affiliate program and I do receive a small portion of sales that are made through my affiliate bookstore, but only through the affiliate store and not when you go to Amazon directly. If you plan to buy one of the books in the bookstore, I would greatly appreciate it if you’d help me out by buying it through the store. All procedes go to funding this blog and expanding the content. In an effort to keep this blog ad-free, I’ve decided to take this route in monitizing the blog instead. I don’t like ads, you don’t like ads, and we all run ad-blocking plug-ins for our browsers anyway!

Please, take a look at the bookstore and if you have suggestions on titles you’d like to see added to it, please let me know and I’ll work to get them in there. Thank you!

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