Midsommar is just hours away!

midsommarstang_2So, I have a little secret to share. Midsommar is special to me for many reasons, maybe not memories of dancing like a frog (it’s not really that bad, but it’s great comedic value), but other things. On top of all those cultural things that I love, like strawberry pies and cakes, singing, dancing, the company of dear friends, my anniversary is also this time of year. Because the Midsommar weekend shifts a little it doesn’t always line up exactly, but the year my wife and I got married it was smack dab right in the middle of Midsommar. I’ve always felt that this imparted a special blessing on us. As you may recall, their’s an old superstition about a picking wild flowers and dreaming about the person you’ll marry. The magic and wonder of this holiday seems to have been a great boon to us and I honestly believe Freyr has helped us make things work.

As you get ready to celebrate Midsommar in your home, take the time to cherish your loved ones. Midsommar is a family holiday (and a holiday about making families…) and family is something that means a great deal to us as Heathens. When you raise a horn to toast kith and kin, make sure you take the time to let those you love who are standing next to you know just how important they are.

Okay, so enough of that mushy stuff.

hamburgerpotato_chipsI’d like to share with you my plans for Midsommar on a tight budget, something we all know a little bit about. I’m hosting a small party. I’m expecting 7 guests, which will fill up my house quite well. Because my wife can’t eat seafood due to allergies, I’m forgoing the onslaught of herring dishes. This little shindig is a pot luck dinner. I’m planning to grill up some hamburgers and such. Instead of boiled new potatoes with dill, I’m aiming for the simple sour cream and chives flavored potato chip. Hey, it ain’t fancy but it’s fun. The blót will be done privately because I just don’t want to be outside in the Georgia summer for half an hour. Trust me, it just isn’t worth putting people through that. Instead, I’m hosting a mock sumble. The main difference here is that a “mock” sumble allows me to control things even more tightly in some areas, like forbidding the swearing of oaths, and loosen up in other areas, such as how non-Heathens can participate in the first round. I’m not a believer in “communal wyrd” but at the same time I want to make sure that no one participating does something that violates the thews of others. To me, Midsommar is about celebrating with friends and family and not all of my friends are Heathen. I still expect the usual benefits of sumble to be present, even if it is a “mock” sumble. I’m working on expanding my folk music library a little to give us something to listen to. Later in the evening I’ll be putting on Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Play-offs for those who are as a hockey nut as my wife and I are. Honestly, what self respecting person of Swedish heritage doesn’t like hockey? Due to weather constraints the past couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to put together a midsommarstäng. Maybe next year. All in all, I am looking forward to a great time with friends and family, which is exactly the way Midsommar should be! I hope your Midsommar is a blessed and happy time.

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