Atlanta Pagan Pride 2013

I know this is very late notification, but I just got word that some folks from Atlanta Heathens will be on site and answering questions tomorrow. I’m sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner but I just found out myself. I won’t be there due to obligations but if you are planning to go, stop by and say hello. They are good folk.


Atlanta Pagan Pride 2013 — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the late, though timely, announcement. I hadn’t thought to go to the Atlanta Pagan Pride Day but went over to see these “good folk” and was pleased to get an opportunity to speak with them. They were present, prepared and presented a friendly, knowledgeable face for Heathenry at this overwhelmingly Pagan (I’m beginning to learn the difference) event. Very positive impression of their organization. They handed out business cards with their contact information and spoke of classes and meetings coming up in January for seekers. Also got a pamphlet explaining the importance of honoring the ‘house gods’. Wouldn’t have had this edifying and uplifting experience without your taking the time to send out the word. It wasn’t too late to make a difference. Thanks again!

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