Atlanta Pagan Pride 2013

While I wasn’t able to attend Pagan Pride this year due to conflicting obligations, I am happy to report that members of Atlanta Heathens were on site to represent Heathenry and to provide information to those in attendance. The following article is submitted by one of the people who worked the information booth set up by Atlanta Heathens. My sincere thanks to Toby for his thoughts on the event. 

ppd2-cropThe Atlanta Pagan Pride Day was held in Decatur, Georgia on October 5, and for the first year, the Atlanta Heathens were in attendance.  Atlanta Heathens is an open community for all Heathens, no matter tradition, to come together in community and act as mutual resources for individuals and kindreds, for fellowship, and advancement of Heathenry as a viable expression of religious identity.

We do monthly study groups, the occasional open event, and try to act as a resource for Heathens and those interested in Heathenry in the Atlanta Area.

Atlanta Heathens acts a public umbrella group for networking, resources, and public learning.  Within the Atlanta Heathens, many members also belong to the Iron Clay Shire, an oathed Anglo-Saxon Heathen Fellowship.

If that sounds rehearsed, because it is; I think I said it about 500 times Saturday.  Our booth was in a decent area with plenty of foot traffic, and we got a chance to meet lot of people, explain who we are and what we do, and even get to meet other heathens, new and old!

I can’t speak to how this year’s turn out compared to previous years, or some of the other events, as our booth was pretty busy all day.  I found the Pagan Community of Atlanta to be both welcoming and pleasant, and I enjoyed myself immensely.

As an Atlanta Heathen, it was nice to talk about what it is we do as a Heathen group, but it was also great to speak to people who had never heard of Heathenry as a religion, to explain a little about our traditions, and to give a quick rundown on the different denominations.

The highlights of the day for me were getting to know the local Grove of the ADF, comparing notes, and discussing the differences and similarities to our praxis; as well as meeting those who were very interested in Heathenry, or very new to the folkway.  I hope we managed to raise awareness somewhat for those interested in it, and for those unaware, perhaps piquing that interest as well.

The only drawback to the entire day was the location of our table made conversations a little difficult during some of the louder musical acts, but that was the price of the foot traffic.

If you met us at APP, or are interested in the Atlanta Heathens, we’re on Facebook: Atlanta Heathens.  We’d love to hear from you!

– Toby Bianchi
Atlanta Heathens

Toby Bianchi is a member of the Atlanta Heathens and a founding member of the Iron Clay Shire, an oathed Anglo-Saxon Heathen Fellowship.  He can be reached at

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