About The Author

SA_ValknutMy name is Kevin and I’ve practiced Asatru since 1997. In my personal practices, I am oriented towards Swedish-American american customs and practices. I primarily revere Odin, Thor, and Frey. I try to keep this blog written in modern English terms but it’s not uncommon for me to use terms in both modern Swedish and Icelandic when writing.

I came to Asatru after several years of exploring Wicca but even that had a “Norse flavor.” Wicca lacked what I was looking for. Today, much of my practices are geared towards the ancient customs of the Svéar, the Swedes, but I honor and respect all of the various traditions and customs in the Heathen world, even when they don’t influence my own practices and beliefs. I focus on the Svéar because I’m a Swedish-American. My paternal grandparents came over from Värmland, Sweden in 1926. My mother’s side of the family is also mostly Swedish but all we know is that they came over sometime in the late 19th Century. While I am focused on Swedish customs, I don’t do so exclusively and draw on the larger Nordic world to fill in the gaps as best I can. One day, I hope to be able to travel to Sweden and see where my family is from and visit the mounds at Gamla-Uppsala.

I have had times where I felt the presence of the Gods of the North very strongly and I’ve had times where I couldn’t make myself give a moment’s thought to our troth. I have looked at Asatru from different angles and ways of practice. Today, I try to take a Reconstructionist approach to understanding our faith in context of the culture, beliefs, customs, and values of our ancestors. It is from hear that I work forward towards a viable and vibrant faith that is appropriate for our needs today.

Much of the time I practice my faith alone. I don’t belong to any local religious group but I am a member of The Troth. Most of my friends are some variation of Neo-Pagan and I occasionally invite them to blót with me. I believe it is in our best interest to maintain good relations with the Neo-Pagan communities around us. Besides, it seems more often than not, newcomers to our troth come from their community. In recent months I have been giving thought to the idea of getting involved with other local Heathens or forming my own group. We shall see what comes of this.

I am married to a woman I have loved for 15 years. We have a small house, a couple of dogs, and one willful cat. We are fortunate enough to own our home near my wife’s parents so we regularly get to spend time with her family. My family is spread out across Southern California and Northern Illinois. I don’t get to see them as much as I would like. I work for a streaming media company and I’m a Team Lead for our support department. I’ve got some education in network engineering but I’m lousy when it comes to writing software. I’m a home-brewer and a comic book geek. I’m a history buff and I love folklore.

I hope this gives you a little insight into where I’m coming from and how I see Asatru. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I find it rewarding to write. If there is something you’d like to ask about or comments you’d like to make privately, you can email me directly via the Contact page.