Everything must come to an end.

As you have noticed, it has been 6 months since there has been any new content on the site. I simply no longer have the energy or will to continue this project. I will be shutting the site down at … Continue reading

Thinking Heathen: Changing Behaviors, Attitudes, and Concepts

In July of 2013, I wrote a piece on false kinship. “Don’t Call Me Brother” has received more commentary than any other article I’ve written, both positive and negative. My argument was that the use of kinship terminology by those … Continue reading

Behavior, Promises, and Social Inversion

A common trope in media today is the use of embarrassment of an individual as a reward for the audience in assisting with the completion of a goal. I find this to be an interesting use of Shame Culture principles. … Continue reading

Things To Consider About Oaths

Oaths are a tremendously important matter in Heathenry. While an oath may be simple, it should never be “easy.” The worth of an oath, and the honor it brings for completion, is directly linked to the benefit fulfilling the oath … Continue reading

My Approach To Heathenry

One of the things I get asked for on a semi-regular basis is an explanation of my approach to Heathenry, so I thought I’d provide a breakdown of the different “elements” that make up my perspective and methodology. First, and … Continue reading

The Heathen Mind: Construction & Transgression

Heathenry is constructive. It compels us to create. It compels us to build a legacy to pass down to future generations. The Heathen mindset is one of investment in the system in both terms of identity and physicality. The Heathen mind cannot abide tearing down the … Continue reading

This I Believe

Author’s Note: If you are an NPR listener, you a probably familiar with the “This I Believe” series of essays read on air from time to time. For those who are not familiar with these essays, the premise is that … Continue reading

Honor Our Ancestors: Telling the little stories

I have sat through many sumbles where men and women in mourning have shared tales of their lost kin. Almost always this is something that moves everyone present in some way. If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve lost a loved … Continue reading

Heathenry as Fashion Accessory?

In a recent conversation with someone I found myself talking about religion as fashion accessory. It seemed a bit odd to me at first but I have noticed that this is a pretty common state of affairs for so many, … Continue reading

Family and the holidays

For the life of me, I can’t believe we are already back around to Jul. I could swear to you that it was just Midsommar. That my life this year has been all sorts of crazy and hectic would be … Continue reading