The troll is one of the most iconic creatures in Scandinavian folklore. In ancient times any malicious and ill-willing supernatural entity was referred to as a troll. Over time it took on more identifiable characteristics and became more identifiable. Often, the troll was described as large, mean-spirited, extremely strong, and almost always smelly and foul. They were all too eager to steal your cattle and eat wayward or misbehaving children. After the beginning of the industrialization of Scandinavia, the troll started to lose the more fearful and terrifying elements, becoming friendlier, kinder, and gentler. Even today, trolls are still an important folklore element in Scandinavian culture.

I have a deep love of troll related art, whether it is comical, terrifying, or just cute. I am particularly fond of the artwork of Rolf Lidberg, a Swedish botanist and artist. Much of his art can be seen in this gallery.

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