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It is clear why people are looking for a quick and free online credit-to-wage loan . There are already many offers for every first loan without interest not only for amounts up to 200, 400, 500 BGN, but also emergency credit with 0 interest up to 1000 and up to 3000 BGN. Some of them are loan money without guarantor, without proof of income , without a labor contract, only with an ID card, and there is already a loan for the unemployed.

Interest-free wage credit means you will get a loan without interest for a certain grace period – usually for 1 month. There are also companies that grant not only every first non-interest-bearing credit, but every fifth or sixth. On this page, we’ll show you 10 of the best-known easy online loans without interest rates.

1. CrediNet from Micro Credit

1. CrediNet from Micro Credit

This is a credit to a salary without interest for quite a large amount – up to BGN 3,000 . Applying is easy and fast, entirely online through the company’s website. Approval is also easy and express – just against an ID card without attending an office.

Moreover, this loan is also without a guarantee and without collateral. The repayment period is up to 12 months. The grace period is about 1 month (30 days). One of the few solutions for those looking for loans with no interest up to and over 1000 leva.


2. Loan with 0% Interest on Feratum


Feratoum offers fast, non-interest-free loans to pay for some of the largest amounts – up to $ 1,000 . Moreover, this loan is interest-free for a grace period of up to 15 days.

Feratoum is also known for offering 24-hour, 24-hour, 7-day, weekly loans including Saturday and Sunday loans. Approval is one of the fastest in our country – up to 5 minutes, so if you’re looking for credit online for 5 minutes , Ferrata may be a variant.


3. Transcard

Transcard offers a unique service for our country – credit without interest and no contribution for the first 6 months . This credit is specifically for those who want to refinance their expensive fast loans or to merge bad loans at high interest rates.

In addition, this credit and without proof of income and without employment contract for amounts up to 1500 leva. Upon expiration of these 6 months, the loans are low interest rates. No guarantor, no collateral, no guarantors.


4. Vivus

Vivus is also known for his interest-free credit and quick money to pay. Every first credit up to 400 leva is free – no interest, no fees, no cost. All loans from Vuvu are without warranty and no collateral.

The application is extremely easy, online through the company’s website. The approval is only up to 5 minutes. Vivus also offers loans on Saturdays and Sundays as it works on both weekends and holidays.

5. Creditsimo

Credisimo is one of the most popular buzzers for loans to pay without interest. Every first and every fifth credit up to 600 leva is free of interest if you return it to a certain grace period – up to 30 days.

The approval is only 7 minutes, the application is easy and express, only with an ID card. You can apply through any device – a computer, a laptop, a cell phone, a tablet, and so on.

6. Stick Credit

Stik Credit is one of the fastest-growing new fast online lending companies in our country. They offer 2 types of loans – loan money up to 400 BGN and credit with monthly repayment of up to BGN 1500.

Not only every first credit, but every sixth loan, is not interest-free. In addition, they also require refinancing of fast loans. If you are looking for a credit card , Stick Credit is only applying for an ID card.

7. Quick Cash

Fast Cash is also a solution for those looking for quick interest-free loans. Each first credit has 0% interest, and the grace period is up to 15 days. The maximum amount they offer on their loans is up to BGN 4000.

Applying only with an ID card. Since Fast Cash is a service to Feratoum, they offer 24-hour fast loans with approval for up to 10 minutes.

8. Net Credit

One more quick and easy non-interest-free payroll with full online application. You can borrow up to 500 leva with 0% interest.

The amount is easy and express – it can still be with you today. The repayment is in equal monthly installments and the loans are available nationwide online.

9. Credit Group

Credit Group offers every first loan up to BGN 500 without interest. The repayment term is from 3 to 18 months. Easy and fast online application. The grace period for repayment of the loan is up to 21 days.

The difference with them is that they offer every seventh loan up to 2,000 leva without interest . The repayment is in equal monthly installments.

10. Mini Loan

Mini Loans also offer fast online non-interest-free loans up to 500 leva if you repay them within a grace period of up to 15 days. The amount is received by bank transfer or cashier at Easy Pee very quickly after confirmation of the contract – money to minutes .


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