Family and the holidays

For the life of me, I can’t believe we are already back around to Jul. I could swear to you that it was just Midsommar. That my life this year has been all sorts of crazy and hectic would be … Continue reading

God Jul

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Wishing Everyone a Glad Jul!

Wishing Everyone a Glad Jul! … Continue reading

A Practical Guide for Keeping the Yuletide Vigil for Urban Living

The winter solstice is almost upon us, being just a little over a week away. That means Yuletide festivities are about to start and many good folk are getting more grey hair as they try to figure out how in … Continue reading

Sonargöltr and Heitstrenging

Many of us are familiar with the Christmas ham and New Year’s Resolutions but have you ever stopped to ask yourself where these customs come from? That’s right, they originated with us. The Christmas ham comes from the sonargöltr, or … Continue reading

Customs for Children at Yule

One of the things I rarely ever discuss with anyone is children; let alone what they can do during the holidays. When I write blóts, I don’t write specific parts for children. Take what I’m about to say with a … Continue reading

A Swedish Glögg Recipe

This recipe is from Glögg I’m a homebrewer, so I strongly encourage you to try and make it yourself. If you aren’t feeling so daring, you should be able to pick up a bottle of non-alcoholic (in other words, … Continue reading

Yule Blót

For those who would like to use it, here is a copy of the Yule blót I’ve written for this year. Feel free to adapt or modify it as you need. It is written with for a group but can … Continue reading